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This September we published our new IT and Library website. This is a summary of what we’ve done, what we’re working on, and why your feedback matters.

What’s different

IT and Library content under one roof

Chatting to students and conducting user research showed us that combining IT and library content is helpful to students, who can struggle to find information about IT services, and expect it to be alongside library information.

This makes sense, as our IT and Library help points are located within our library buildings. In addition, most of the IT services students use such as PCs and printers are very visible in our libraries.

We’ll continue to engage with our users and make improvements based on usage data and feedback.

Self-help guides

All our ‘How to’ guides are available in the central University Guides area, with links to them from various places on our website. You can browse the full list of all IT and Library guides: you can also filter the list by keyword and by audience (student, staff or visitor).

It’s fully accessible and mobile-friendly

A key driver for the website was to improve its accessibility from any device. If you have any access problems, please email

Changes we’ve made since launch

These changes are based on feedback and usage statistics:

  • Added more key services onto the homepage
  • Added a ‘For everyone’ link in the user panel to the right of the LibrarySearch box
  • Added a link to Service Status in the help panel

Key services: email, Off campus working and study, E-resources AZ, Micrrosoft 365, Subject library resources, Study space, IT Account, Software, Wi-fi, Borrow, Print

What we’re working on next

• Adding a staff link to the user panel on the homepage which will link to a guide to IT and Library services for staff
• User testing with students and staff
• Continuing to review usage data (we use mainly heatmaps and google analytics)

Usage statistics

We launched the new website on 17 September 2020. This usage report shows the period from 1 September – 20 October to cover the full induction period for new students.

What other web content we’re working on:

  • Information Services website: this is being re-imagined to reflect the new ways IS will be working
  • Library A-Z of e-resources: this is being completely redeveloped into a database-driven system
  • High-Performance Computing: this is a key service for the University and so we want to improve how we share information about it
  • Special Collections and Archives
  • Office for Scholarly Communication
  • Web content to support University web authors

Your feedback really does count!

If you’d like to take part in user testing, or just want to send us your feedback, please fill in our feedback form and let us know.

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