Interwar Culture Trial

The library will be hosting a trial of the Interwar Culture database from Adam Matthew Digital. Interwar Culture showcases a vast collection of popular and lesser-known periodicals published during these dynamic yet turbulent decades with articles covering arts and culture, fashion, home and family life, travel, world current affairs, class, social and welfare issues as well as a wealth of writing from some of the most prominent literary figures of the era.

This trial will run until February 24th 2023.

More about this resource 

The historically significant and highly visual periodicals that make up Interwar Culture, predominantly from the United Kingdom and United States, provide a rich insight into these topics as well as allowing examination of the burgeoning media industries that both shaped and reflected society.

The collection represents the most diverse digital resource available for the study of periodicals that defined the interwar years and what they reveal about life, society, and popular culture.

How to access this resource

Access the resource directly via the link below;

Interwar Culture

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