Institutional APC fund top up

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Information Services has topped up the institutional APC fund with an extra £15,000 from library funds

In addition to

  • the many Read and Publish agreements the University of Kent has that enable our corresponding authors to publish Open Access without needing to acquire separate funding for an APC
  • and the UKRI Open Access block grant that can be used to pay for OA for articles and conference proceedings arising from UKRI funded projects

We also have an APC institutional fund that runs August-July. This is run on a first come first served basis but applications are subject to a quality assessment by your Divisional Directors of Research.

We recently closed applications to use the institutional APC fund because commitments were only £900 short of the amount set aside.

Additional funds made available by the library

Because we wish to support researchers and Open Access as much as we can, we have transferred £15,000 worth of library funds to the institutional APC fund.  We have calculated that we can accommodate this and feel it would be a targeted and strategic use of resources.

Applications to use the institutional APC funds are now open again.

Consider Open Access at an early stage

We advise authors to consider Open Access at an early stage when they are compiling dissemination plans and when selecting titles. The best way to do this is to use a journal included in one of our agreements. But if the journal is not included, and particularly if you wish to publish in a journal which is fully Open Access and where an APC must be paid in order to publish, it is best to have secured funding for the APC when you submit, either by applying to use an APC from one of our University APC funds, or by accounting for it in grant applications.

Our Open Access Publishing Sharepoint site provides information about the current status of APC funds, use of our agreements and the latest news and announcements.




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