“Install a driver” issue on campus printers – updated 3 September

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Update 3 September

We have now implemented a workaround to this issue which will enable you to print again. You may need to restart your PC or laptop, and you may be prompted to install a driver. Click Install driver if you receive this prompt:
Screenshot of pop-up window saying "Do you trust this printer?" with two action buttons: "Install driver" and "Cancel"

You should no longer be prompted for admin credentials when you install the driver.

What caused this problem?

In June, Microsoft identified multiple security vulnerabilities affecting Windows printing. To fix them, Microsoft recently rolled out a security patch that prevented users from installing print drivers without admin credentials and required the re-installation of the print drivers we use for our printers.

We have deployed a temporary workaround that will enable you to connect University devices to University printers while maintaining our security.

We’re continuing to work on this problem and there may be more updates to the printing system.

Update 2 September

We’ve identified a fix which is being tested, we plan to roll it out on Friday 3 September. You won’t need to do anything, printing should work as normal. We’ll email all staff when the fix is in place.

Print issue summary

The workarounds below have been superseded by our 3 September update – see above.

An issue is affecting printers on the Canterbury and Medway campuses where the printer may ask you to install a driver. If this happens, please use these workarounds:

If you are using a campus student PC or staff managed desktop: please use web print instead. (You don’t have to be using a laptop to use web print). Web print only works with PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or image files and doesn’t support stapling or folding, etc.

If you are using a computer to which you have the admin rights (including staff laptops), and you don’t want to use web print:

  1. remove the printer: click Start and search for printers & scanners, click on the printer name and click Remove device
  2. restart your computer
  3. add the printer back: adding a printer for studentsadding a printer for staff
  4. you’ll be asked to install a driver – enter your admin credentials to install it
  5. you should then be able to print.

We’re working on this issue and liaising with our print supplier Apogee to find a solution.

If you have an urgent need to print on campus and can’t use web print, please contact the IT Service Desk: email helpdesk@kent.ac.uk or phone 01227 82 4888, Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00.

Updates will be posted here, so please check back.

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