IEEE journals – end of free Open Access agreement

You are no longer able to publish Gold Open Access for “free” in IEEE journals at University of Kent.  

From December 2017 to December 2018 the University of Kent had an agreement with IEEE whereby any member of the University of Kent could choose to make their articles published in IEEE journals Open Access.  The cost of doing so was covered by an increased subscription charge for all IEEE journals. This increased charge was based on the number of articles University of Kent authors have published with IEEE in the past and was paid for by the Library using some of the money received from the Research Councils UK for Open Access.

IEEE agreement not renewed for 2019

This agreement has now come to an end and we have not renewed it because:

  • IEEE have doubled the cost
  • We feel that IEEE has not done enough to make our academics aware of the unlimited OA agreement.  The options on their author platform are confusing and we suspect that many of our researchers have missed the opportunity to publish OA through error and misunderstanding during their process, rather than active choice.  It compares unfavourably to the unlimited OA process used by Springer
  • IEEE promote their own version of an Open Access licence rather than Creative Commons licences. This IEEE licence means that IEEE retain copyright and re-use and sharing are restricted
  • IEEE have not provided the library with a means of tracking what is being published OA with IEEE at the University

As a result, the University has not made the best use of the deal. Articles that could or should have been made Open Access have not been. This is disappointing as the main aim was to simplify matters for you so that choosing to publish Open Access with IEEE would be straightforward and would alleviate the need to apply for separate funding.

Action the library has taken

We have sent specific feedback to IEEE and have managed to make 9 of EDA’s IEEE articles Open Access retrospectively as well as re-claim money for the School for several APCs that should have been covered under the agreement.

What next?

We will monitor the situation and review our decision if IEEE

  • improve their offer for 2020
  • are able to demonstrate that they have addressed the problems

In the meantime

Meanwhile, although they have been reduced, there are still University funds and UKRI funds available for Open Access.  The criteria and application form are here
Alternatively, you may wish to think about including Open Access costs in funding applications.

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