Harness the power of A.I. for your study

Yewno Discover helps researchers, students, and educators further explore knowledge across interdisciplinary fields, sparking new ideas and finding unexpected connections along the way. 

Yewno’s platform harnesses hundreds of millions of semantic connections and conceptual links from millions of scholarly articles, books, and databases across virtually all academic fields. Discover empowers users to navigate intuitively across concepts, relationships, and fields, learning from resources that might have otherwise been overlooked. This not only enhances understanding and creates more impactful work, but also saves time while ensuring comprehensive and credible coverage. 

Yewno’s mission is that of extracting knowledge from an overwhelming quantity of unstructured and structured data. The technology helps to overcome the “Information Overload” problem and to research and to understand the world in a more natural manner

Tying together interdisciplinary fields of study, Yewno visually guides students and researchers and helps them uncover connections in research they may not know existed, thus bolstering their scope and understanding of a particular subject area. 

At the core of the technology is the framework that extracts, processes, links and represents atomic units of knowledge – concepts – from heterogeneous data sources. A Deep Learning Network continuously “reads” high-quality sources projecting concepts into a multidimensional Conceptual Space where similarity measures along different dimensions are used to group together related concepts. In accord with prominent cognitive theories of conceptual spaces, our space allows for both geometrical, statistical and topological operations, and it permits to aggregate basic concepts into more complex representations. 

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding has enabled Kent to pilot Yewno Discover.  Kent will pilot this service for a period of 1 year to gauge benefits, with a view to build a business case to seek continued funding for the service if it’s found to be valuable. 

The Yewno Discover guide page provides a quick start guide for using this service. 

Don’t forget to use the feedback form to provide your perspective on Yewno Discover, the responses will be crucial in determining if the service continues post the pilot period.

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