Goodbye Windows 7

From 15 January, do not use a Windows 7 desktop or laptop on the Kent network.

Microsoft are ending support for Windows 7 today, which means that for security reasons we will stop supporting its use on the University network.

Staff laptops and desktops

To secure our network we will be removing access to IT services from Windows 7 University PCs, both desktops and laptops, on the UKC domain. This could also affect machines, kiosks or other external hardware that rely on Windows 7 PCs.

If you need to install Windows 10 on a staff desktop or laptop, see our Windows 10 upgrade pages.

Personal laptops and desktops

Students and staff with their own devices can get Windows 10 for free as a student, or at a staff discounted rate.

We’ve been working for the past 3 years to upgrade student and staff PCs to Windows 10. Many thanks to staff across the University who have helped us make this happen.

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