Getting access to ebooks

To support the move to blended learning in Autumn 2020, we are working to provide extra access to online resources wherever possible.

We have over 100,000 ebooks titles available in LibrarySearch which can be accessed online and we’re adding more all the time.

We aim to purchase ebooks wherever we can.  However, not all titles are available for the library to purchase as ebooks for different reasons. Some titles do not exist as ebooks. Some ebooks don’t offer a suitable licence for universities to purchase, for example Kindle editions are only for individuals to buy and use, not institutions.

To try and make sure we have ebooks of  the core texts wherever possible, we may need to purchase titles that restrict the numbers of users at a time or the total usage of that ebook title per year.

Follow these steps when accessing ebooks to make sure you and others have the best access to them:

  1. Read online so you read what you need, then make it available for someone else.
  2. Only download the book if you need to read it offline. This will download the book to your device  but only for 1 day.
  3. Download a chapter or the section you need as a .pdf to keep. You will only be able to download up to 10%

You can find further information on finding and accessing our ebooks on our ebooks webpage or contact us for help finding the resources you need.


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