Borrowing items from the Templeman Library

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The gradual easing of the Government’s lockdown restrictions means more students are now on campus and using the Templeman Library. To support on-campus study, we’ll make it possible again to reserve items that are on loan. This means you may need to return books you have borrowed.

Please continue to use digital library resources wherever you can.

Whether you’re coming to campus or studying remotely, we’ll do our best to support you.

How borrowing works

Borrowing from the library has been a bit different than usual in recent months, so here’s a recap of how it works:

  • Loan periods are 3 days or 7 days, depending on the item.
  • Loans will be automatically renewed, unless someone else needs a book and reserves it.
  • If a book you have has been reserved, you’ll get an email asking you to return it by a certain date.

When reserving items on loan or when asked to return a book someone else needs, please be mindful of other borrowers’ circumstances, and please get in touch with us if there are any problems.

Do you have books on loan (including document delivery items)?

Most books will just continue to renew automatically.

But if someone needs a book you have, they can reserve it and you will be asked to return it by a certain date.

Some books may have been reserved back in January, before the lockdown. If you have document delivery items on loan, they may have reached the limit of how many times they can be renewed. Please be ready to return such items, if requested.

You can check if this affects you right now in your library account: log into LibrarySearch, go to Checkouts and you can see which books can’t be renewed.

If you reserved books then but don’t need them now, please log into your LibrarySearch account and cancel the reservation. It will save another borrower unnecessary stress.

Need a book someone has on loan?

You can place reservations in LibrarySearch now.

You’ll get an email when the book you’ve reserved is ready for you to collect.

Please only reserve books you really need: it may be hard for people to return items, and we don’t want anyone to make unnecessary journeys.

Have you been asked to return a book?

Please do your best to return items.

  • If you can easily come to campus, please use the book drop at the Library Road Entrance. You can also return books at the return point inside the Library – be aware you need your KentOne card and to wear a mask when entering the building.
  • Posting books: depending on weight and volume, you could consider breaking up a large parcel into smaller ones. Courier services (like Parcel Monkey or Hermes) might be cheaper than Royal Mail and pick up the parcel from you. Whatever method you use, please make sure you get a receipt.
    Our postal address is: Book Returns, Templeman Library, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NU

If you can’t return your books by either of these methods, please get in touch with us and we’ll work out a solution with you.

Finished with a book?

If you can easily do so, please return any books you no longer need, especially if you’re leaving the local area.

Contact us

Any problems at all, please get in touch:

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