Expanding diversity in our library collections

The Library team support academic staff to diversify module reading lists!

Following on from the award winning Diversity Mark pilots at the University of Kent, the library have developed a range of tools to help academics include a diverse range of perspectives and authors with equality across race, gender, sexuality, disability, internationalisation and socio-economic contexts.

The new webpage provides a number of practical tips to help staff review and update their reading lists including:

  • links to resources that provide diverse content for teaching support
  • examples from other institutions
  • advice on maintaining current awareness across disciplines

Increasing belonging

Evidence suggests that course materials that are inclusive to a diverse student body have a positive impact. A recent joint report from UUK and the NUS, BAME attainment at UK Universities (2019) states;

A greater focus is needed from universities, working with their students, on ensuring that BAME students have a good sense of belonging at their university, and on understanding how a poor sense of belonging might be contributing to low levels of engagement and progression to postgraduate study.

A minor change to your course materials could make a major change to the way a student, or a group of students, responds to the course so take a look today!

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