Electrical testing in Templeman Library: 3-5 August

Areas of the Templeman Library will lose power intermittently between Monday 3 and Wednesday 5 August. We are completing essential electrical testing and cannot give an exact schedule of when different areas will lose power.

D Block will be completed on Monday morning so use D Block PCs and study spaces. D2 PC room will be available during the 3 days of testing to provide extra PCs and printer access, but it will close again when testing is complete.

Be aware that all other areas of the building could lose power at short notice for around 10 minutes at a time and may affect PCs and printers. Please ensure you save your work regularly.

Ahead of the testing next week we will start turning off PCs from Thursday 30 July but we will leave a limited number available for you to use. Please check the board in the Welcome Hall for information about available PCs and study spaces over this period.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

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