Easier, fairer borrowing is here!

We’ve made it easier for you to borrow from the Templeman Library.

  1. Most items are 7 day loans or 3 day loans. They will never be due at weekends.
  2. Items you’ve borrowed will be automatically renewed, unless someone else reserves them. You no longer have to remember to renew them manually!
  3. If you need a book and all copies are on loan, place a reservation to get it!
  4. You’ll only get a fine if you don’t return an item that has been reserved by another user. Fines on these items are £2 a day.
  5. All current students and staff can now borrow up to 40 items, including journals and multimedia.
  6. You should still check your library account for up-to-date information on your borrowing: go to LibrarySearch and click Log In.
  7. See everything about the new borrowing rules on our updated borrowing web pages.

One response to “Easier, fairer borrowing is here!

  1. Well done Library services for working hard to provide even better services for the modern user! Also congratulations on finally being joined as one building again!! Really pleased for you.

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