DVD and Video Collection on the move

The DVD and Video Collection has moved from the Ground Floor in B Block to a temporary location on Floor 2 in A Block. The collection will stay here for approximately six weeks while the new DVD / Video space is arranged in B Block. We hope to have the collection back in its new permanent home by mid-August and we’ll keep you updated as this work progresses.

We work closely with all Schools to ensure collections are positioned to maximise academic value. This move is the result of a conversation with the School of Arts about how best to place the DVD collection to enable collection-related academic activities during the year.

If you need any help to find an item or would like to use the viewing stations, please ask at the IT & Library Support Desk on Floor 1 in C Block.

Alternatively you can access films, TV programmes, video clips and stock footage via online services such as:

Just sign in using your Kent username and password.

Other film, TV and audio e-resources are also available:


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