Does your web browser need an update?


If you’re using Internet Explorer or an old version of Edge as your web browser, you need to follow the advice below to update it, as you’re using an insecure browser. This means your device is more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

If you use Internet Explorer

  • Switch to the latest version of Edge, Chrome or Firefox. Set this as your default browser from now on.
  • If you need it to use special features in SharePoint 2013, limit your use of this browser to this purpose only.
  • Microsoft 365 apps and services will stop working in Internet Explorer from 17 August 2021.

If you use Edge

Make sure you’re on the latest version: go to the Microsoft website and search ‘Edge’, and download the latest version from there.

Help and advice

If you want any help or further advice, please contact IT Service Desk.


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