Digital textbooks from Bibliu

To provide you with the resources you need to learn remotely we are running a scheme with digital textbook provider, Bibliu. 

They provide us with a number of essential textbooks required to complete your studies, allowing you to download onto your own devices without the access restrictions of typical Library e-books.  

As this is a pilot scheme, we have  only selected titles that are core texts on compulsory modules for undergraduates. We have worked closely with module convenors to identify key textbooks.  

When will the books be available? 

Books are available now and you will have access to your titles for the rest of the academic year. 

How do I get access? 

You should be able to access these titles from via your online reading list and Moodle module. 

Watch the How to access BibliU Bookshelf video for more information. 

What books will I get access to? 

The titles available on the scheme are those that have been selected by module convenors as being essential to your course and are not available as e-books already via our usual suppliers. You can use these textbooks alongside other resources on your reading list. 

How can I use the BibliU platform? 

This playlist of videos provides an overview of all the key aspects of using your BibliU textbooks. 

For further support on accessing Bibliu titles contact your Liaison Librarian 

I can’t see any titles! 

Not every module has a Bibliu title linked to it. Some modules already have e-books available or use other resources, including journal articles and digitised chapters, as well as print materials available in the Library. 

Will I be able to download and print the textbooks? 

You will be able to print within the copyright restrictions of each title, which is set by the publisher. You will also be able to highlight sections, save notes and download to your device. 

If you need support with this then contact 


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