Tools to help you work and study

A new curated collection of useful apps and software

Screenshot of the beta productivity tools service

Information Services, Student Support and Wellbeing and the Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching have launched a new online service for staff and students to find useful apps, software and online productivity tools:

It’s a searchable curated list of online software that can help improve how we all work and study. It includes third party services as well as software that the University provides and supports.

It’s just the start

It’s currently a ‘beta’ version which means that people can start using it while we’re continuing to work on it. We plan to:

  • add some extra functions, including making it work with screen readers
  • add more Kent-provided software
  • do more user testing
  • incorporate any changes that may result from user feedback.

Once fully live (out of beta) it will replace the assistive technology listing on the Student Support website.

Who is managing it

The service is being jointly managed by the Information Services Collaboration Services Owner and the OPERA team.

How you can support OPERA, the University-wide project to improve accessibility.

Try it!

Please try the new productivity tools site, and let us know what you think

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