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Our new website explains everything you could want to know about the Diamond and free Open Access publishing options available for you.

Diamond Open Access enables authors to publish without costly fees, and readers to access published work without expensive subscriptions, meaning that it is typically one of the most equitable publishing routes available to global audienes. Journals that are published as Diamond Open Access are led and coordinated by communitites of academics and often supported by postgraduate researchers and students.

Access our Diamond and Free Open Access publishing website.

Diamond publishing at Kent

The University of Kent supports high quality, open access, cost-effective digital journal publishing using the Open Journal System.

Our academic and student led journals are free to publish with and are open and free to read, helping to maximise the reach and impact of our published research works.

Our journals include:

Free Open Access publishing at Kent

We can help you to add Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to your works in the Kent Academic Repository and the Kent Data Repository…as long as they’re not already published elsewhere.

Getting a DOI can help to accurately identify, link to and discriminate between online works and are useful for referring to work in all forms of communication and dissemination.

Diamond and free Open Access publishing elsewhere

Whilst Diamond and free Open Accessing publising is supported at the University of Kent, there are options elsewhere to publish journals, books and book chapters in this way, and there are a range of tools and schemes available to help you find a quality and trusted publisher.

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Visit our Diamond and Free Open Access publishing website.

For any questions, please contact researchsupport@kent.ac.uk

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