Datasets on KAR are Moving to KDR

Suitcases illustrating data moving
  UnSplash: "belinda-fewings-1Spvd7ktFX4-unsplash" by Belinda Fewings.

We are moving research datasets recorded and archived on KAR to the Kent Data Repository (KDR).

To ensure they are in the best possible location with appropriate metadata and archive infrastructure we are moving the data archived in KAR to KDR. The metadata, files and links will all be replicated in KDR and, where appropriate, richer data-appropriate metadata will be added.  The KAR record will be replaced with a ‘tombstone’ record which will tell any users what has happened and redirecting them to the new record.

If you have data recorded and archived in KAR you will get an email from KDR in the next few weeks.  It will ask you to check a new data record in KDR.  If you would like any changes let us know and we will correct the record.  Once you let us know that you are happy with the record we will create a DOI for it – unless it already has one.

If you have any questions about KAR, KDR, research data at Kent or this project take a look at our research support web pages, or get in touch with the Research and Scholarly Communications Support Team at

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