Counselling and Psychotherapy Transcripts: Volumes 1 and 2 available until July 2023

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As part of a You Read, We Buy the Library has access to Counselling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, until July 2022. At the end of that period the Library will purchase the collections with the most usage.

You have access to:

Volume one provides access to searchable collections of transcripts from real counselling and therapy sessions and first-person narratives, illuminating the experience of mental illness and treatment. Volume two contains access to client-therapist interactions and therapeutic approaches. All material is recorded after 2012 so is contemporary and up to date in terms of approaches and treatments.

Subject coverage:

  • Primary material
  • Therapeutic approaches
  • Psychotherapy collections
  • Presenting conditions
  • Clinicians

These collections will continue to offer relevant sources for students and researchers of Psychology, Medicine and Sciences.

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