Cookies and Conversation: thank you for your feedback

In Information Services the student voice remains at the heart of what we do and informs and shapes the initiatives we seek to take forward. Your view matters to us. 

What’s working? What can we improve? What can we do differently?

At this month’s Cookies and Conversation event we asked you to give us feedback on study spaces in the Library and across campus and it was fantastic to have so many of you come and share your views!

We got to hear about your preferred study style. 

We also got to hear what matters to you when choosing a study space 

We are excited to share more on this in the New Year! Thank you so much for sharing your views with us. 

In Information Services we are always looking to improve our services for you.

We cover a huge range of services including email, printing, Wi-Fi, study space, books, e-resources and so much more. We are always interested in student feedback and hope you join us at Cookies & Conversation and other feedback events in the future..

Also find out more about how the University is listening to students. Have your say, make your voice heard and help us shape our services!

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