Staff: come to campus to test your computer before 8 September

Woman holding mobile phone and looking at laptop

Staff – have you been working from home? We need you to try your PC, laptop and other technology such as printers, sooner rather than later, to make sure everything works as it should.

Please speak to your manager and/or IT support person (as appropriate), to go into your office for a few hours before 8 September.

When you arrive, plug everything in if needed, and turn your computer on. It may take several hours to update before you can log in.

Then try the following tasks:

  • Log in
  • Open a web page
  • Open Outlook to check email
  • Try printing. You might need to install a printer driver. If the printer you use is switched off, please turn it on, and leave it on when you leave
  • Try your business-critical software
  • Connect to campus Wi-Fi with a mobile device (you’ll need to run our new Wi-Fi setup tool on your devices from Friday 3 September)
  • Leave your PC switched on when you leave for the day (unless you need to take it home). If you can, leave it switched on for at least 7 days so that it can receive more security updates.

Any issues reported to us before 8 September will be resolved quickly. This will help reduce the number of support queries at the start of the new academic year.

Thanks for your cooperation. We want your return to campus to be as smooth as possible. If you have any problems, please contact us.

Information Services
Tel: 01227 82 4888


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