Colonial Legacies: Empire & Commonwealth Periodicals

New Journal Collection from ProQuest

The Templeman Library has expanded it’s collection of journals with ProQuest with the addition of the collection, Colonial Legacies: Empire & Commonwealth Periodicals.

This collection will be of particular interest to you if you study History, Social Anthropology, Social Research and Sociology.

More about this resource 

Colonial Legacies: Empire and Commonwealth Periodicals is a digital archive comprising over 30 periodicals and approximately 800,000 pages. This collection offers a mixture of British publications about the Empire and titles published in Commonwealth countries (including Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, and Papua New Guinea). It will support research in key events in colonial history, including the later phase of the Scramble for Africa, the world wars, independence movements, the creation of the Commonwealth, and more. While official publications contain valuable information about colonial administration and ideology, more popular titles, covering the arts, society, and general interests, provide insights into the broader history and culture of former colonies. The collection covers periodicals from 1869 to 2020.

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  • Access through the Digital Resources Directory here.

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