Changes to Teams meeting settings

Teams meeting settings related to who can present or share their screen have changed 

Only the organiser can present initially (you can change this)

The meeting option ‘Who can present’ is changing from ‘Everyone’ to ‘Only me’. Attendees can’t present their screen or mute others unless the meeting organiser allows this. 

To allow attendees to present

Meeting attendees can’t share their screen or mute others unless the meeting organiser allows this.

To allow others to present (share their screen):

  • Start the meeting
  • View the participants
  • Click on the ellipses next to the name of the person you want to give access to
  • Make them a presenter from the popup menu

To allow everyone in the meeting to present: click the three elipses at the top of the meeting, select meeting details, then meeting options. This will allow you to set ‘anyone’ as an option rather than specific individuals.

Why this has changed

In order to support the development of blended learning at the University. The changes were requested by the academic community and supported by the Directors of Education, the E-Learning Team, and University Autumn Taskforce planning group.

If you have any questions particularly about this change, please contact IT Service Desk by email on or call 01227 82 4888. 

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4 responses to “Changes to Teams meeting settings

  1. This appears to be adding another barrier to central services delivering sessions embedded within schools. When the Student Learning Advisory Service are invited to teach within schools, MS Teams sessions are set up by the organising school not the presenters (SLAS advisers). What will be the ‘work around’ for this to allow my staff to continue teaching?

    1. Hi Mike, the effect of this change on the ‘meet now’ button within Teams is that the first person to join the meeting will become the presenter, and colleagues or students joining afterwards will be attendees. The presenter rights can be changed within the meeting. To do this, click on the three elipses in the meeting and click on meeting details. You can then allow the central colleague to present. We recommend that all seminar teaching sessions are created as recurrent Outlook appointments with Teams set as the location. If you need further help please contact IT Service Desk:

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