Changes to email access: find out if this affects you

Updated 23 May:

This planned work had to be brought forward and is now in place, which will affect some users who might not be able to get their email using some methods.

What to do if you can’t get to email in your usual way

Published 20 May:

If you use older or alternative methods to access your Kent email, such as:

  • an older mobile device
  • a mobile app that was set up a while ago

this may stop working on Monday 21 June.

What you need to do

Switch to one of these recommended methods for accessing your email:

  • up to date Outlook software on your PC (Windows or Mac)
  • web access: log in at from a web browser
  • app on your mobile: you may need to delete your account from the device and then set it up again following our instructions. This will make sure it’s using the latest security protocols.

Our email guide has full instructions on all those options.

If you want any help, please contact us.

We’ll shortly be emailing this request to the people we’ve identified as using a less secure access method.

Why we’re changing this

To improve security. The methods that will stop working are using basic authentication, which is a legacy technology and will soon be removed by Microsoft. It has several security flaws as a method of accessing email and puts our email and IT accounts into a vulnerable position.

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