Celebrating at the KAR Party : 100k deposits and 16 years old!

Kent Academic Repository's 16th birthday & 100,000th record

Two pictures. Left picture is a group of people gathered for a cake cutting. Right picture is a close up of the chocolate cake and the glitter gold cake topper, 'KAR 100K Records'
  University of Kent: "Group-photo" by Julia Crompton. CC-BY

Colleagues from across the university celebrated 16 years of the Kent Academic Repository (KAR), and it’s 100,000th record, at the KAR Party.

Colleagues who have all been part of the Kent Academic Repository’s story we warmly welcomed to celebrate with cake and to catch-up with colleagues from across the university.

Professor Shane Weller, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, (2nd left) opened the event by sharing stories about KARs origins, its development over the last 16 years, and acknowledged the many staff who have been part of its story.

Stuart Henderson (left) was one of three University of Kent authors of the 100,000th record, What Does Ecological Farming Mean for Farm Labour. Whilst fellow authors Sophia Davidova and Alastair Bailey were unable to attend, they were delighted that they’d made it as the 100,000th record.

Our institutional repository will continue to grow in the future, and to find out what must-haves our colleagues would like to see developed, we asked them to cast votes. The clear winner was developing the CRediT Taxonomy which we are already working on and were delighted that voting confirmed our current plans.

Large group of people attending the K.A.R. Party









The KAR Party has been a wonderful way to celebrate the dedication and commitment of so many staff, some of whom have been part of its story from the very beginning, and many of who will continue to be part of it’s journey in the future.

Find out more about why we’re celebrating the 16th Birthday of the Kent Academic Repository, including where it all began and our plans for the future. Event slides and photographs can also be accessed on the Kent Academic Repository.

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