Berghahn Open Anthro: flipping anthropology journals to open access

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The Library is pleased to announce that we are supporting Berghahn journals, Libraria and Knowledge Unlatched in providing open access to 13 core anthropology journals through their subscribe to open pilot Berghahn Open Athro.

By supporting the scheme and subscribing to the full collection we are expanding access to our staff and students to the 13 core titles whilst also opening up access to all readers to benefit from the open access.

Authors will also be able to publish in the 13 journals without paying an article processing charge removing a cost barrier to making research openly available.

The journal titles included are:
• Anthropological Journal of European Cultures
• Anthropology of the Middle East
• The Cambridge Journal of Anthropology
• Conflict and Society
• Environment and Society
• Focaal: journal of global and historical anthropology
• Journal of Legal Anthropology
• Learning and Teaching
• Migration and Society
• Museum Worlds
• Religion and Society
• Sibirica
• Social Analysis

Staff and student can access these titles via LibrarySearch. Access is also available directly through the publisher’s website

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