Tools that make work and study from home a breeze

There’s no need to take risks on the roads. You can stay warm and safe and still be productive, by using the tools below.

@Heidi_Colthup: Another snow day for me - no trains out of my village. I'll be recording today's lecture and uploading it to Moodle. @KentELLyeah @UniKentSECL @UniKent #WritingintheMedia
Kent lecturer tweet about working from home during snow


Ways to work and study from home:

Access your Kent email on your phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere.

If you are off campus, apply for VPN access (students and staff will get approved within minutes). Then connect to the VPN, which lets you access your Kent folders/files and other networked systems from off campus.

Staff can use Skype for Business for its online chat or video conferencing options – join meetings even if you can’t be there in person.

Other systems that you can access

Login with your Kent IT Account to:

For staff:

Already connected from home?

Let us know! Spread some winter cheer and message us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! I’m working from home as I write this, and here’s my tweet:

@writetosarah Love that I can be useful to work and stay safe at home! @ukclibraryit thanks for the VPN, Skype for Business, email and software that I can use at home. #beatthesnow #warm #safe #productive :)


2 responses to “Tools that make work and study from home a breeze

  1. I’m belatedly reading this from a relatively warm and snowless Sibson building, but really appreciated the tools you’ve mentioned above Sarah. (Spent two days working from home last week.)

    One thing I’m still not entirely clear on is which Kent systems require VPN and which do not. As I save just about all of my work on the network this really makes VPN obligatory throughout, doesn’t it? (I noticed Message Of The Day asking people to disconnect when VPN is not needed and wondered if that was sufficiently clear.)

    Could a simple table be placed online showing key tasks and systems in one dimension and “Yes”/”No” to indicate if VPN is needed to use them?
    e.g. Sharepoint “No”, Saving/retrieving files on Bodiam “Yes”, Saving/retrieving files on network shares/DFS “Yes”.

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