Are you an academic applying for promotion? Find out how to create your publications list in KAR

kar_logoIf you’re an academic applying for promotion, you will need to generate a list of your publications in the Kent Academic Repository (KAR) to include in your application.

How to produce your report:

  • Log into KAR using your Kent username and password
  • check your publications are all present and correct
  • click on the Profile tab at the top of the page
  • click on the Export tab
  • click on Promotions Report
  • the report will open and you can save it as a file
  • check the report thoroughly
  • Check and edit your report in Microsoft Word, adding the extra information you need as set out in the HR document Instructions for producing a publications list from KAR (please see section 2, paragraph

Top tips:

  • Check that the published outputs you wish to include in your promotions application are in KAR and that the details are correct.
  • If you need to add your work to KAR use the guidance on the KAR webpages to manually add or import your works to KAR.
  • If you are a new member of staff, add your key publications from other institutions to make sure you have a good publication history in KAR.
  • Make sure each entry in KAR contains your full email address:, not
  • If you are unable to edit an entry in KAR, email and we’ll change ownership of the entry for you.
  • You can add forthcoming items to KAR using the ‘in press’ or ‘submitted’ status.
  • Items with the status ‘unpublished’ will not be included in your publications report.
  • You can manually add items or more information to your publications report by editing it after you have produced it from KAR
  • The KAR item type “Monograph” includes the following publications: “technical report, project report, documentation, manual, working paper or discussion paper”. For a published book, please use the item type “book” or “edited book”.
  • You need to add the details outlined in Appendix 2, paragraph of the Instruction for producing a publications list from KAR document (for example, the indication of the current status of forthcoming items).

Need some advice about your KAR entries and producing your report?

Please email if you require any further assistance with your KAR records, or you have any questions about your publication report.



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