Academics: use KentVision to see your timetable (not OTIS or iCal)

For the rest of the term you need to refer to your timetable in Kent Vision (rather than using the online timetable OTIS or an iCal feed), due to a lag between the systems.

How to view your timetable in KentVision

  1. Click the + icon in the top right (in the blue menu bar)
  2. Choose Timetable Management from the drop-down list that also shows Attendance Monitoring and Examination boards:
  3. Then choose View my timetable (Lecturer) from the options presented – other options are Manage Non-Modular Events, or View timetables (student, staff, module):

Students are being advised to view their timetable in KentVision rather than downloading an iCal feed or viewing it any other way.

We are working to reduce the lag between systems. KentVision timetables are updated first and others are synchronised from it, so unfortunately there will always be some level of delay between systems.

If you have any problems, please contact us

IT Service Desk, Information Services
01227 82 4888


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