A cookie for your thoughts…. 

Feedback and updates from our Cookies and Conversation event

Cookies and a cup of coffee

We recently held a ‘Cookies & Conversation’ event at Templeman library. It was a chance to relax and chat over cookies and a cuppa, to get your feedback and suggestions about the IT services that we provide. It was a great success, and we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. Here are the main themes that we identified and what we are doing about them:

Broken power sockets

We are investing in more power sockets and improving the process for fixing them quicker. Please use the QR codes on desks or email library-report@kent.ac.uk to report issues.


We have recently improved Wi-Fi in the Templeman Library and are delivering a programme of across campus Wi-Fi improvements.

Laptop docking stations / monitors

We are reviewing having spaces for docking your laptops with monitors.

Study spaces

We are looking at ways to make better use of space in the Templeman Library to meet your study needs. There are 1,600 study spaces across the Library and plenty of spaces in study hubs across campus. We’re exploring options to make it easier for you to find available study spaces.

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