140 new study spaces in the Templeman Library

  "Templeman" by Image courtesy of Quintin Lake.

We are creating 140 new study spaces in the Templeman Library – many will include student PCs.

Over the next few months there will be construction work taking place in D Block. We will refurbish the PC Room on Floor 2 and convert the office space on Floor 3 to fabulous study spaces with spectacular views across Canterbury. We’re sure they will be very popular locations to work! The toilets in D Block are also getting a complete makeover: 18 will become gender-neutral cubicles and there’ll be a new accessible toilet built.

We have done our best to schedule noisy building works outside busy library hours, but there will be some potential for noise disruption in D Block while this work is being carried out. There will be very high demolition noise on 15-17 August as we remove some walls. If you find it too noisy to study, please use Blocks A and B, or alternatively the Study Hubs across campus.

The lift and toilets in D Block will be closed until the improvements have been completed, but the stairs in D Block will remain open. Please use alternative facilities in C Block and look out for signs indicating noise levels and best routes.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by these building works.

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