Global Hangout Thanksgiving Special

Students received a warm welcome at our recent Global Hangout Thanksgiving Special on Wednesday 27th November, sponsored by the Worldfest Bitesize Fund, to acknowledge the start of the Thanksgiving season celebrated by so many.

Over 50 students attended the event, hosted by our Global Officers, where they were able to add a leaf to our thanksgiving tree, noting what they are thankful for; write a postcard home of thanks to friends and family and partake in a themed quiz. We were delighted to have the presence from Canterbury Food Bank where donations were encouraged to be brought along to the event.

“Our first Global Hangout of the year was a huge success! I’m glad that I got to be a part of organising such a fun and relaxing event. It was so wonderful to see students from all over our University (and the world) come together to enjoy each other’s company and appreciate the many things we have to be thankful for. “- Chiara Batasar

Global Hangouts are a series of events co-created with students that take place throughout the year. They are themed appropriately with various activities designed to encourage interaction between attendees and the student hosts. For further details about further events, see:

The Worldfest Bitesize Fund has been established to enable University of Kent students to apply for a financial award of up to £350 to help run a national or multicultural event, which they can share with the wider student body. For more details please see: