Global Experiences Week 2019

A week of new opportunities, experiences and networking as part of the Employability Festival, where students and staff were engaged in a range of talks and events. Both Medway and Canterbury students were involved in the huge success of #EmpFest19.

During the ‘Returners Reveal All’ networking session, Kent students who studied abroad last year shared their experiences and the positive influence it has had on their employability and career progression so far.

The International Student Experience Fair was well attended by students and departmental services across the university.

Students explored the study and work abroad opportunities, summer school programmes and alternative Go Abroad experiences such as Global Learning Online (GLO) at the “How to Go Abroad at Kent” presentation. Staff also attended a separate session about how they can make use of the staff training at our partner universities across Europe.

A workshop on the “Kent Global Passport” was held by the Dean of Internationalisation, Anthony Manning, where students were shown how to access the online app that has been designed to help reflect and plan – one of the identified graduate attributes that top employers are looking for.

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