Yoga and Meditation Festival 2019

Hosted by the Krishna Consciousness Society

On 18 March 2019, the UKC Krishna Consciousness Society hosted this year’s Yoga and Mediation festival in Darwin Lecture Theatre 3. The theatre was transformed with a table offering spiritual literature, a variety of entertaining performances including a┬ádrama performance by the Bhaktivedanta Players, a poem written by devotees and much more.

The final event involved the audience dancing and singing to The Maha Mantra, with the accompaniment of a Mridanga, which is a type of drum, an accordion and kartalas (small brass symbols). The finale was followed by a vegetarian feast from Govinda’s restaurant based in London.

Many people left the event feeling entertained and enriched and it was all for free. The Krishna Consciousness Society were part-funded by International Partnerships through the Multicultural Events Fund. If you or your society are interested in organising a multicultural event, you can find out more about how to apply for funding here.