Windrush: Leadership, Legacy and Law with David Neita

Hosted by Kent Caribbean Union, supported by International Partnerships

On Thursday 7th February, Kent Caribbean Union welcomed David Neita, a published spoken word poet and a celebrated lawyer, to the University of Kent. David is respected for his passion for social justice and his wealth of knowledge about Caribbean history. The event was part-funded by the Multicultural Events Fund which is managed by International Partnerships.

David told stories of the Windrush scandal and how it has impacted so many families across the Caribbean. However, most of his talk highlighted the achievements of those living through these difficult times and how their determination and resilience has significantly contributed to the British society for generations.

He continued to speak of the importance of students loving their degree subject(s) and the event included a Q&A discussion where the audience was invited to ask questions about how to be successful in their fields of work. He was also encouraging to those students who wanted to know how they could impact their community in a positive way.

Students who attended found the experience ‘mind-blowing’ and left with a ‘greater understanding of the impact Caribbean people have made’. The event was undoubtedly a time for reflection but also celebration.

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