Global Hangouts – Canterbury Finale!

International Partnerships was proud to host the last Global Hangout of the series this year on Wednesday 16 May. To follow on from the University of Kent’s Europe Day celebrations during the previous week, the event consisted of a vast array of food from all over Europe – including Belgian waffles, French macaroons, Greek salads and other delights from the continent. To continue with this theme, information stands were set up to promote Kent’s successful European Research centres.

Around 35 attendees enjoyed networking, taking part in various activities and listening to the live music provided by Mattedi Music. The atmosphere was fantastic and the students spoke of their enjoyment:

“‘Thank you very much for this opportunity to meet people who I otherwise wouldn’t have and to enjoy lots of lovely food! I have been studying for days for an exam and this evening was exactly what I needed. The staff were great and the music was very relaxing.”

“Global Hangouts is a great chance to meet people from different countries that are studying many different degrees. The atmosphere had great vibes and the food was great too. I can’t wait to come again next year – great work!”

International Partnerships is delighted with the success of this ongoing series of free global networking events arranged throughout the academic year and we are very much looking forward to seeing them continue to grow in popularity.

Click here to view photo gallery from 16 May Global Hangout