Internationalising the student experience at Kent

In addition to short-term study abroad opportunities, International Partnerships also manages a range of initiatives to advance the Internationalisation Strategy’s key objective – to internationalise the student experience at home.

Global Hangouts are an opportunity for students to engage with people all over the world, taking place throughout the academic year. The free events include interactive activities, refreshments and live music and performances.

The Multicultural Events Fund has been established to enable Kent students the opportunity to apply for a financial award of up to £350 to run a multicultural event. Examples of past events that the University has supported include celebrations for Diwali, Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving, Newroz, Holi, Kent Africa Summit, African Caribbean Spring Ball, Discover Islam, Japanese Cultural Festival and a Thai Festival.

Global Learning Online (GLO) has been devised in order to complement existing options for exchange which encourage and facilitate students in studying overseas. Unlike traditional modes of study abroad, GLO introduces students at Kent and other international institutions to cross-cultural academic learning opportunities, through the medium of the internet and other ICT.

The GOLD programme is a specially designed leadership development programme, enabling students to become a Global Officer at Kent.

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