International Partners Week 2018

February 27 to March 1

International Partnerships was delighted to welcome 20 colleagues from various institutions across Europe and China as part of Kent’s second International Partners Week that took place from February 27 to March 1, 2018.

Welcoming our partners from across the globe

During their visit, participants enjoyed a series of interactive activities and workshops, presented under the theme of ‘The Only Constant is Change’. As the higher education sector faces a time of fast-paced change, we explored the shifting landscape of higher education and the challenges facing university professionals in this time of constant change.

Our visitors took part in a series of interactive activities

Some of the group sessions included an introduction to Internationalisation in Higher Education, an interactive workshop exploring Kent’s use of social media and a presentation delivered by Kent’s Academic Registrar, Mary Hughes, discussing the University’s response to Brexit and other challenging socio-political change. The overall contribution and enthusiasm our visitors displayed throughout our three-day programme is greatly appreciated.

Canterbury was hit by heavy snow fall

During our International Partners Week, Canterbury was hit by heavy, widespread snow that had many knock-on effects on Kent’s travel networks. Despite the storm, our visitors enjoyed a guided tour around Canterbury Cathedral, experienced a taste of the traditional English Afternoon Tea and dined together at The Parrot, a 14th century pub and one of Canterbury’s oldest buildings. Even though many of the University’s events were forced to be put on hold, this didn’t stop us all celebrating our valued partnerships from across the globe.

The feedback from participants of this year’s International Partners Week has been overwhelmingly positive:

“Many thanks to the amazing group of people that informed, assisted, entertained and guided us throughout the duration of our visit.” Anestis T. Agapiadis, University of Ioannina.

International Partnerships is committed to finding new ways to raise the University’s international profile and events such as this reflect our passion to take part in a range of global activities. We look forward to building stronger relationships with all of our partners and give thanks again to all who took part.