Kent’s first PhD student exchange agreement

The University of Kent has established an exciting new doctoral student exchange agreement with the University of Melbourne (MLS), that will allow Kent research students a wonderful opportunity to spend a period of their research studies at MLS, and vice-versa.

The opportunity has been set up between Melbourne Law School and Kent Law School specifically, and is designed to provide opportunity for doctoral research students to engage and experience the academic culture at another world-leading law school, promote cultural exchange, as well as facilitate the growth of professional and research links between the institutions.

As Kent’s first doctoral student exchange agreement, we are delighted to be partnering with Melbourne Law School, known for its vibrant student community, strong global outlook, excellent academic reputation, and world-ranking research impact. This sits in harmony with Kent Law School, widely regarded as a centre of excellence in legal research and teaching, as evidenced by its rating as the 8th best Law School in the UK for ‘Research Intensity’ in the Research Excellence Framework (2014).

The exchange programme was set up by Kent Law School’s Rose Parfitt, who is currently based at Melbourne Law School, where she’s undertaking an Australian Research Council (ARC)-funded research project. Dr. Parfitt said: ‘I’m so happy that the arrangements for this exchange programme have now been finalised, and that both institutions have supported the idea so warmly. It’s a fantastic opportunity for doctoral students at both law schools to build new relationships with peers, mentors and research centres, and to become part of new collaborative projects that might well alter the course of their careers forever’. ​

The University of Kent is committed to driving forward the development of a range of global partnership activity. We are proud of our excellent international reputation and of our interaction with partners overseas. Kent currently has over 388 links with institutions around the world. For further information about Kent’s international links, please visit our International Partnerships webpage.