International Partners Week 2017

International Partnerships was delighted to host 15 international visitors from some of Kent’s international and European partner universities as part of our first International Partners Week held from 27 to 31 March 2017.

During their visit, participants enjoyed an interactive week-long series of workshops and presentations under the theme of ‘Managing international communications in an increasingly interconnected world’. Devised in partnership with Kent’s Corporate Communications department, the programme was purposefully styled in a format that fostered opportunity to network, develop relationships and foster debate across a wide range of topics. Sessions included a seminar on working with international press/media, a group-activity workshop on crisis management and dealing with international incidents, a presentation and round table discussion on using social media, as well as an interactive workshop entitled ‘Talking Cultures’, aimed at helping participants enhance their intercultural communication.

Welcoming participants from across the globe

In addition to the main workshops and sessions, there were a range of scheduled social and cultural activities arranged throughout the week. Participants were able to enjoy tours of our Cantebrury and Medway campuses, an evening dinner together at a local British pub, a guided tour of Canterbury Cathedral, as well as a visit to the historical Dover Castle.

Furthermore, all participants received an invitation to attend the 2017 Go Abroad Awards ceremony and dinner on 30th March; a formal occasion where they met and joined with staff and students at Kent in celebrating the efforts and achievements of students who have undertaken a study or work placement abroad.

The feedback from participants of the International Partners Week has been extremely positive; the group particularly appreciated the opportunity to attend presentations and workshops led by such a range of departments and services at Kent. Maria Fernanda Saraiva da Silva from the University of Porto noted “I was amazed with all the facilities and support provided to students. All the staff members were so kind and polite – It was a wonderful experience!”.

Enjoying an evening meal at local British pub

The visitors were very impressed by both the campuses, and appreciated the opportunity to learn more about Canterbury, Medway and the surrounding region. Gemma Castro from the University of Cantabria said “I would like to thank you for the lovely programme you have hosted. It has been very rich in content and wonderfully organized.Thanks very much for your efforts and for making us feel “at home”.”

Visiting our Medway Campus

International Partners Week is a reinforcement of Kent’s commitment to continue to drive forward a range of global activity. This event is one of a growing number of activities undertaken by the new International Partnerships Directorate to raise the University’s profile internationally through deeper interaction with overseas partners. In conjunction with this, Hannah McNorton, Director of International Partnerships, stated “Amidst the current political and socio-economic state of affairs that are challenging internationalisation within Higher Education, Kent remains outward looking, engaged and intent on working with our partners to deliver avenues for international collaboration, engagement and opportunity across our institutions.”

Following the successful week, we look forward to more opportunities for continued collaboration and relationship building with our all partners.


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