Kent in Rome – Celebrating our research in the City

On Wednesday 22 March the University of Kent will be hosting a reception at the gallery Accademia Nazionale di San Luca in Rome from 19.45 – 21.30.

Kent has one of the highest concentrations of PhD students studying the Roman World in the UK, and much of their work is focussed on ancient Rome. The University of Kent’s centre in Rome is the newest of Kent’s European centres, and is currently expanding its programmes.  Programmes at each centre are tailored to take full advantage of their particular locations and Rome’s wealth of history, architecture, and art offer students a unique opportunity to have direct access to archaeological sites, museums, and galleries.

Kent has undertaken fieldwork in the very centre of Rome and is developing new projects, for example on the Tiber, as well as anticipating exhibitions celebrating the life of the artist Raphael. During the reception, six of our PhD students will be giving short introductions to their work and their recent discoveries, focused on Kent’s research on the eternal city. For more information about Kent in Rome, visit the website: