Global Learning Online (GLO)

Autumn Term 2016: Migration Project

Autumn Term 2016: Migration Project

Student participants of the 2016 Global Learning Online (GLO) project were awarded certificates of completion by Dr Anthony Manning, Dean of Internationalisation, during the 2017 Internationalisation Forum in January.

The successful project, a collaboration between the University of Kent and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), was themed around Migration and had with a total of 20 student participants, 10 from each institution. As well as the Kent students, the Dean was very pleased to be able to present a certificate to one student from HKBU who had started her exchange semester with Kent this term.

GLO projects have been devised in order to complement existing options for exchange which encourage and facilitate students in studying overseas. Unlike traditional modes of study abroad, GLO introduces students at Kent and other international institutions to cross-cultural academic learning opportunities, through the medium of the internet and other ICT.

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