Welcoming our new short term students for the Spring Term

Last week our new short term students arrived in Kent for the Spring Term and enjoyed an array of activities organised by International Partnerships. Students were met by staff at Heathrow airport and taken to our Canterbury and Medway campuses. A five day programme packed with events then followed, which included welcome talks, a Campus Trail, Welcome Buffet, Walking Tour of Canterbury, trip to Asda Supermarket, an Afternoon Tea and a trip to Dover Castle. The events allowed students from universities across the world a chance to get to know one another as they begin their shared journey together at Kent. We were pleased to see a number of our current exchange students who arrived in September volunteer to meet with students from their home universities and show our new students the ropes. The arrival of snow also made it a very memorable first week for our students, some of whom had never experienced it before!

“I am having great time living and studying here! We all appreciate it that you spared no effort in giving us international students a warm welcome and excellent experience.” – Xin Guan, China Foreign Affairs University

Special congratulations go to Team ‘The Plus One’ who won the Campus Trail and to the students who won the Bingo. Photos below.

afternoon-tea-2  afternoon-tea-4 afternoon-tea asda-collage dover-castle-trip-2 dover-castle-trip games-during-welcome-talk origins-bingo-winners origins-buffet-dinner origins-dinner-bingo-in-action origins-dinner-games walking-tour welcome-talk-2 welcome-talkafternoon-tea-3