Kent selected for Brazils Science without Borders programme

We are delighted to announce that Kent is one of a select number of UK universities to be included on the Brazilian government’s Science without Borders programme, an innovation which will provide 75,000 scholarships from 2012 to Brazilian students to spend a period of study abroad.

The programme will focus on promoting “Exact Sciences” and subjects which are seen as key to Brazil’s strategic development, including:

  • Physics, Chemistry,  Geosciences/Earthsciences
  • Biology, Biomedical and Natural Sciences
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Sustainable Agricultural Production Technology
  • Technologies for the transition to a green economy
  • Biotechnology
  • Aerospace Technology
  • Biodiversity and Bioprospecting
  • Renewable Energy

Placements will be administered by CNPq (the Brazillian Research Council) and CAPES (an academic exchange service under the Ministry of Education) who will be looking mainly for UG short-programmes abroad (6 months, including industrial placements) and PhD sandwich (co-tutelle) programmes, full PhDs and academic exchange.

The places will be funded by the Brazilian government with a financial package that will cover tuition, accommodation, student support and living cost.

For further information, please contact James Banner: