Our International Scholars visit with the Lord Mayor of Canterbury

International scholars went on a trip to visit the Lord Mayor of Canterbury, Counsellor Pat Todd at the Canterbury Guildhall. This was a brilliant opportunity for the scholars to meet each other, and spend time with students from all across the globe including Armenia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, India, Norway and Thailand. The students were shown ancient regalia including the mace, the Sword of Canterbury, and the Burghmote Horn.

The students are in receipt of international scholarships including the British Council GREAT scholarship, the International Scholarship, the Bestway Scholarship for students from Pakistan, as well as Chevening and Commonwealth scholarships.

“It was always a dream for me to do my Master’s from abroad and the Best way Scholarship facilitated this for me. It has immensely helped me with my studies and opened new career avenues for me. ” Marzia Bilwani, Bestway Scholar 

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