Kent Through a Different Lens

Unique photos by University of Memphis students on our faculty-led Photography in England course in May

In May we welcomed students from University of Memphis to Kent on a bespoke faculty-led short course in Photography.

The course was led by David Horan, Assistant Professor of Practice and Photo Program Coordinator at the Department of Art at University of Memphis, who has been bringing students to Kent for a number of years.

Staying on our Medway campus, the course participants enjoyed a number of arranged excursions to Canterbury and Rochester cathedrals and Dover and Leeds Castle, as well as several trips to London, including to art galleries.

We are delighted to present some examples of photographic work by participants both from this year’s cohort and from previous years.

Malaina Murphy images
Malaina Murphy, 2019


Faith Waggener
Faith Waggener, 2019


Kat Day images
Kat Day, 2019


Briana Jensen
Briana Jensen, 2019


Mac Schaaf images
Mac Schaaf, 2019


Charis Barnes images
Charis Barnes, 2018


Sara Justis
Sara Justis, 2022


Elizabeth Kutas
Elizabeth Kutas, 2022 (part of a diptych)


Mary Margaret Kutas
Mary Margaret Kutas, 2022


Kristen Williams images
Kristen Williams, 2019 (part of a triptych)


Jacob Wilt images
Jacob Wilt, 2023


Rashawn Penister images
Rashawn Penister, 2023


Learn more about why the University of Memphis continues to return to University of Kent year on year by watching a video of David Horan speak about his experience of our bespoke short courses.

Interested in bringing your staff or students to University of Kent for one of our summer schools or bespoke courses? Check out our website for further details.