Support Refugees This Summer

Refugee Tales trail

The University of Kent Student Engagement and Communications team are running two initiatives this summer to promote compassion for refugees and people seeking sanctuary.

Refugee Week, which ran this year from 19-25 June, is a UK-wide festival foregrounding the lives and experiences of refugees and people seeking sanctuary, and celebrating their contributions, creativity and resilience.

This year, for the event’s 25th anniversary, the theme was compassion.

Those taking part in Refugee Week 2023 were invited to consider how arts and culture can help widen our circles of compassion through simple, everyday acts that make new connections within communities.

These acts might include watching a film about migration and displacement, reading a book by and about refugees, or sharing recipes at a community event.

At Kent, the Student Engagement and Communications team are looking to help the University community to understand why people are displaced, and the challenges they face when seeking safety. To do this, they are running two initiatives on campus throughout the summer.

Refugee Tales Trail

The first is the Refugee Tales trail, a cross-campus walk from the Gulbenkian to the Kent Community Oasis Garden via Parkwood.

Refugee Tales was co-founded by Professor David Herd from University of Kent’s School of English. The organisation enables writers to collaborate with asylum seekers, refugees and people of indefinite detention to share their stories.

The Refugee Tales trail will be in place until 31 August and is signposted across the campus. Maps can be picked up from the Gulbenkian box office.

Got Clothes You Don’t Need?

The second initiative is a set of clothing donation points across campus collecting men’s clothes and shoes for detained migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Donated clothes

Donated clothes will be given to the Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group to deliver to those in need.

Items most in demand include men’s trainers (especially sizes 8 and 9), jogging bottoms, jeans, t-shirts and jumpers. Please ensure items are clean before donating.

Donation points are available at Mandela Reception, Keynes Atrium, Co-op at the Plaza, Co-op at Parkwood, Drill Hall Library entrance (Medway), Gulbenkian foyer (near box office) and Nexus in the Templeman Library.

If you have women’s clothing to donate, please use the British Heart Foundation clothing bins around campus instead.