CSI: Kent – Students Visit from Dubai to Learn about Forensic Science

A look at Amity University, Dubai's Forensic Science Short Course visit to University of Kent

Amity University, Dubai students in the Forensic Science Lab

University of Kent Global and Lifelong Learning was delighted to welcome students from Amity University, Dubai for a short course in Forensic Science from the 9th to the 20th May 2023.

Their course focused on the practical aspects of Forensic Science, including crime scene photography, building a biological profile from skeletal remains in the Human Osteology Lab, developing physical evidence in fingerprints and fibres, and forensic entomology (the study of insects associated with crimes).

A table covered in human remains
The bone lab at University of Kent

Students also visited University of Kent’s crime scene facility to get experience of evidence recording and preservation. The crime scene house can be set up to simulate all kinds of crime scenarios, such as burglary and suspicious death.

The realistic scenarios offered by the crime scene house help students to prepare for the diverse nature of crime scenes they may encounter in future careers.

Amity students pose in their biohazard suits in the crime scene facility garden
Amity students at the Crime Scene Facility

The visiting students also enjoyed a range of academic lectures during their course, delivered by specialists in the department and across the University.

These included talks on Death and Decomposition and Forensic Entomology with Dr Devin Finaughty and a talk on Advances in Forensic DNA with Dr Robert Green.

A student in a forensic lab at University of Kent
Visiting students participated in various workshops during their course

During their stay at Kent, visiting Amity students also enjoyed a number of cultural trips, including visits to Canterbury cathedral and Dover Castle, an optional trip to nearby Whitstable, a boat tour on the River Stour, and a day trip to the Gordon Museum of Pathology at King’s College in London.

Students were also treated to a traditional British afternoon tea to celebrate the end of the course!

Amity students pose together on the steps of the Ingram building
Amity University, Dubai visiting students

At Kent, we offer faculty-led short courses and summer schools like this one, tailored directly to the needs of your institution’s students and staff. Visiting short course students enjoy the use of our first-class study facilities, and participate in cultural trips to local and London museums and attractions.

We offer full flexibility on course content, with access to staff from a wide range of subject areas, from Forensic Science to Actuarial Science, or from Photography to Everyday English for Work and Business.

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