Life of a Global Officer

by Mary Adeniyi

Mary Adeniyi

The past several months of being a Global Officer have been nothing short of amazing. The people I have met, the conversations I have had, and the skills I have grown in have made being a Global Officer very fun!

I would like to say that I got stuck in being the life of a Global Officer. One of the first activities I did as one, was helping out at a Global Hangout, which is a programme designed to bring both students and staff together and express and learn about different cultures.

From an African drumming session, to getting henna, to getting our creative side out through designing lanterns, it was a wholesome experience. I also met many amazing people that day, some of which I am still in contact with today.

I also volunteered to help students at a University in Ukraine, improve their English through the power of conversations.

During the Christmas period, I remember discussing about our traditions and what the festive season meant to us. I learnt some things about celebrating Christmas the Ukrainian way, such as the food they eat, and the traditions they do. It was definitely a heart-warming experience, and I enjoyed the fact that we could learn a lot about each other.

One of my favourite activities I have done since being a Global Officer, is giving tours of the University. So far, I have given tours to people from the US and Trinidad and Tobago, and I have had an enjoyable experience so far.

I enjoyed the fact that I could share the knowledge and experience I have gained at Kent for the past three years, with others. By answering their questions, I liked the fact that I could be used as a reference point to determine whether or not a prospective student becomes an actual student at the University in the future.

My first tour will always be memorable. It was meant to last for one hour, but we ended going over the expected time by an hour and a half. I enjoyed their company, and wanted to go above and beyond their expectations and give them a realistic view of what the University was like.

One reason I enjoy giving such tours, is because I genuinely enjoy meeting new people, and having engaging conversations. Meeting new people comes with many other benefits, such as an improvement in communications skills and confidence, so it’s something that I will continue to do.

Overall, I’m grateful to have taken part in the programme. One of the main reasons is because of the transferrable skills I have improved on.

For example, working with other Global Officers for the Global Hangout helped me to improve in my team work capabilities, and it’s a skill that is very important within the working world.

My cultural intelligence has improved too, whether it was from talking to people from Kherson State University, students at the Global Hangouts, or at a leadership event hosted by Common Purpose, I am walking out of this programme more aware about different  cultures.

I aim to grow in my cultural intelligence, leadership capabilities, and global network, by joining further programmes that Common Purpose offer.

To those who may be thinking about becoming a Global Officer, I encourage you to do so. Take this as your sign to help you become more culturally aware, a better leader, and a better communicator.

The dedication and passion that the team behind the GOLD Programme have, has been very palpable throughout, through the usefulness of their workshops, opportunities and events.

I know the GOLD Programme will continue to get better and better, and it’s a great opportunity to grow in your skills, as a person, and as a global citizen.

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