Finding Your Way Around Kent

Are you a January-starter looking to familiarize yourself with the campus?

Students walking down the stairs in Templeman Library

Check out our convenient guidance on getting your bearings and finding your way around University of Kent.

Have you received your timetable and now you’re wondering where to find your seminar room or lecture theatre? Looking to learn the landmarks of the Canterbury campus? Keen to find a quiet space or a lively place to meet new friends? We’ve got you! Here’s our quick run-down of the main sites and sights the campus has to offer.


There are eight colleges at Kent, many of which house lecture theatres, seminar rooms, bars and social areas as well as a community of students who live there.

There’s Darwin and Woolf Colleges on the far North end of campus, near Hackington Road; the twin buildings of Rutherford and Eliot Colleges in the centre of campus (including Tyler and Becket Court accommodations, respectively); Keynes and Turing colleges between University Road and Giles Lane; Parkwood College – the largest of Kent’s accommodation areas – and Medway College, made up of Pembroke and The Historic Dockyard in Chatham.

Rutherford College, University of Kent
Rutherford College

In addition to the main colleges, there are lots of other teaching buildings across Canterbury campus in which you might have a lecture or a seminar.

These include Sibson, Kennedy, Chipperfield, Jennison, Pears, Stacey and Ingram at the Parkwood end of the campus near the Sports Centre. Then there’s Marlowe, Jarman and Locke near the central plaza; and Grimond, Aphra and Lumley behind the Templeman Library. And don’t forget Cornwallis next to the Gulbenkian Theatre and Cafe!

Gulbenkian Cafe, University of Kent
Gulbenkian Cafe

Behind Parkwood you’ll also find the Sports Pavilion, football fields and Indoor Tennis and Events Arena. Between Parkwood and Keynes College you’ll find the Medical Centre and Pharmacy, while on the University Road side of the college, you’ll find Student Support and Wellbeing (near the Duck Pond) and the Careers and Employability Service.

On the plaza in the centre of campus, you’ll find the larger of the two campus Co-op supermarkets (the other is in Parkwood, next to Woody’s Bar), along with The Venue – the University’s own nightclub – and the Kent Union building.


In the very centre of campus, you’ll find the Templeman Library, which provides IT and library services for all students, staff and visitors. You’ll definitely want to familiarise yourself with where your subject library is situated!

Templeman Library, University of Kent
Templeman Library

It’s also where you’ll find Nexus, your campus help point, situated in D-block on the Ground Floor (take the first right when you go through the main Library entrance). Nexus is a one-stop help point where you can find answers to any queries about your student experience, including accommodation, finance, wellbeing, careers and employability, IT and more.


At the far end of Parkwood, you’ll find the Kent Community Oasis Garden, a multi-use space working to create a sustainability hub centred around growing food. Keep an eye on the University’s What’s On Calendar for their regular events!

Canterbury campus is also situated in the midst of diverse woodland. Opposite Keynes College, you’ll find Bluebell Woods, and Brotherhood Woods is situated behind Giles Lane and Parkwood Road. Both woods have numerous meandering footpaths to explore.

And behind Eliot College, you’ll find the hay meadow and Labyrinth, designed to provide a peaceful and accessible walk for all members of the University community.

Labyrinth, University of Kent
Labyrinth and Hay Meadow

Walking around campus late at night? Don’t forget there’s a Walking Taxi Service that runs 24 hours a day. You can use the SafeZone app to check in with Campus Security or a Security Officer will accompany you on your journey.

Faith Spaces

Looking for somewhere quiet to pray or meditate? Eliot College Chapel is open for Christian worship throughout the week; you can find it on the basement floor of the College. There’s also a multi-faith space in Rutherford College Cloister area, available for meetings, prayer and worship. In Medway, there’s a multi-faith room located in Pilkington 039.

Canterbury Mosque is located behind Keynes College; it’s independent of the University but visited by students and staff.

If you’re looking to make new friends who share your values and beliefs, why not join one of the many Kent Union religious groups and societies?

Further afield

If you’re looking to make your way between the Canterbury and Medway campuses, there’s a free shuttle bus service for staff and students. The bus runs every hour from the Keynes bus stop in Canterbury to Pembroke and Western Avenue in Medway. It only runs during term time and you’ll need to book your seat in advance via the website.

Want to get a bus into town? Stagecoach buses stop at the Keynes, Darwin and Parkwood bus stops. A University of Kent DayRider costs £3.30 and can be purchased on board the bus or via the Stagecoach Mobile App. Make sure you’re carrying your KentOne card with you to prove you’re a student, as the driver may ask to see it.

So, there you have it! Our brief guide to finding your bearings on the Canterbury campus. We hope you have fun finding your way around!